Daily Dose for the Soul

Your unbending intention may be to be slim and healthy. You know that the universal all-creative Spirit brought you into exis­tence in that microscopic dot of human cellular tissue not to be sickly, overweight, or unattractive … but to create love, be kind, and express beauty. This is what the power of intention intended for you to beeome. Now get this: You cannot attract attractiveness into your life by hating anything about what you’ve allowed yourself to become. Why? Because hatred creates a counter-force of hatred that disempowers your efforts. Here is how Dr. Hawkins describes it in Power vs. Force:

Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll. But to reach max­imum power such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish reward. And its effect is as far reaching as it is subtle.” [Note that kindness is one of the seven faces of intention.]

He adds further:

That which is injurious loses its capacity to harm when it is brought into the light, and we attract to us that which we emanate.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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  1. Kindness is one of life’s best therapeutics.

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    1. GS says:

      Kindness is a form of love and a way love forms. Kindness is a way to change the world for the better and a way to better ourselves for the world. Kindness is a potential path to happiness and a happy way for us to potentially find our paths.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing


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