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Your Chi Herbal Remedies – Part 1

Maintain your health – physical, emotional or spiritual by applying traditional Chinese methods of diagnosis and prescription to strengthen levels of Chi.

Healthy Chi Circulation

The strength of your Chi is vital to your health. If your energy is strong and the evil principle is weak, you will remain healthy even if exposed to infections. If Chi energy is weakened, illness can occur. When Chi and evil are equally strong, this leads to an “excess syndrome” and if the Chi and evil are both weak, this brings about a “deficiency syndrome”. A weakened Chi in conflict with a strong evil brings about a “mixed excess and deficiency syndrome”.

Levels of Chi

The three types of Chi energy circulate around the body and each has a specific direction that it travels in when it is healthy; the Lung and Spleen Chi rises, while the Stomach Chi falls. If the movement of Chi is disturbed this creates health problems. For example, if the Lung Chi should fall instead of rise, water in the body rises, causing coughing. If the Spleen Chi falls, not enough energy can rise to the head, so dizziness occurs. If the Stomach Chi rises, this can lead to bloating and constipation.

Herbs can be prescribed to strengthen Chi.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/76/26/d776265dcd636d710e683a0cc782d0c6.jpg

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