Daily Dose of Nature

Herbs for the Chakras

For a healthy individual, it is important to align the seven energy centres or the seven chakras. Energy centres when out of balance can create tensions, stress and a feeling of mental imbalance in a person. So, while we can work these chakras at a spiritual level through meditation, we must also supplement these efforts with herbs that help align the body’s energy.

To get you on your way, here the are the seven chakras of the body and the herbs that positively affect them :

  • Crown – Frankincense, holy basil, white sage.
  • Third Eye – Passionflower, jasmine, blue vervain.
  • Throat – Pine, juniper, thyme, peppermint.
  • Heart – Rose, hawthorn, ginger, cayenne.
  • Solar – Dandelion, linden, fennel.
  • Sacral – Raspberry, red clover, shatavari, hibiscus.
  • Root – Burdock, St. John’s wort, calendula, reishi.

These herbs will help re-align these all-important energy centres of your body and help you feel truly connected to everything around you!

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f1/9c/1f/f19c1f9b4a2741e8782ab323ad660dce.jpg

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