Daily Dose of Nature

Your Chi Herbal Remedies – Part 2

Maintain your health – physical, emotional or spiritual by applying traditional Chinese methods of diagnosis and prescriptions to strengthen levels of Chi.

Zang and Fu Organs

Early Chinese physicians considered that each organ was connected to emotional and spiritual states as well as to physical conditions.

Organ Divisions

The organs are divided into two categories: Zang organs are the heart, spleen, lungs, liver and kidneys; Fu organs are the small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, and gall bladder, in addition, each Zang organ is paired with a Fu organ, and every organ is affected by the health or weakness of its neighbours.

Imbalances of energy in the Zang and Fu organs show up externally : the state of the nails reflects the health of the liver and the strength of the kidney if reflected in the hair. A physical symptom may also manifest to reflect the poor state of Chi of a neighbouring organ.

Dry, straw like hair may be sign that your kidney’s Chi is unhealthy.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6c/a3/45/6ca345ed0e43fa527bb19573b8c841ab.jpg

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