Daily Dose of Nature

Your Chi Herbal Remedies Part 3

Maintain your health, physical, emotional or spiritual by applying traditional Chinese methods of diagnosis and prescription to strengthen levels of Chi.

External and Internal Causes of Disease

The external causes of disease can create an adverse excess of Yin or Yang energy in the body. Arthritis is viewed as a problem with cold, damp and wind causes, because it manifests as aches and pains that move around the body and are worsened in cold, damp weather. This illness is diagnosed as Yin. Fever is caused by an excess of fire or heat that brings about an imbalance of an excess of Yang energy, creating feelings of weakness and shivering.

Finding a Cure

Once your disease has been diagnosed with an external or internal cause, a Chinese practitioner can prescribe the appropriate herbal remedies to strengthen or suppress Yin and Yang energies.

If you are feeling weak and feverish, you may have an excess of Yang energy.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/76/26/d776265dcd636d710e683a0cc782d0c6.jpg

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