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Oils for your Base Chakra – Part 1

Balance your Base Chakra with aromatherapy techniques, such as inhalation, massages or atomiser sprays, to avoid a low sex drive and poor resistance to illness.

For Sexual Problems

When the energies of the Base Chakra are blacked this can lead to sexual problems such as a poor sex drive, frigidity or premature ejaculation. Obviously, in a loving relationship this can be very distressing for both partners. If your friend is experiencing such problems in her relationship, offer to help with a stimulating massage targeting on the Base Chakra.

Massaging oils beneficial to this Chakra into the base of the spine is an ideal way to stimulate its activity again. Use slow, clockwise, circular motions and gentle sideways strokes to activate its energies.

The best method of using oils to stimulate the Base Chakra is to massage the base of the spine.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ac/2c/48/ac2c4826346939771391991e5d24ad3a.jpg

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