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Let Go of Your Reputation

Your reputation is not located in you. It resides in the minds of others. Therefore, you have no control over it at all. If you speak to 30 people, you will have 30 reputations. Connecting to intention means listening to your heart and conducting yourself based on what your inner voice tells you in your purpose here. If you’re overly concerned with how you’re going to be perceived by everyone, then you’ve disconnected yourself from intention and allowed the opinions of others to guide you. This is your ego at work. It’s an illusion that stands between you and the power of intention. There’s nothing you can’t do, unless you disconnect from the power source and become confined that your purpose is to prove to others how masterful and superior you are and spend your energy attempting to win a giant reputation among other egos. Do what you do because your inner voice always connected to and grateful to your Source so directs you. Stay on purpose, detach from outcome, and take responsibility for what does reside in you : your character. Leave your reputation for others to debate; it has nothing to do with you.

Reference :The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for the reblog.


  1. kinge says:

    A very important lesson on reputation. It’s true, our reputation is in others perception but defined by our actions. The explanation on intention and it’s source is eye opening

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