Daily Dose for the Soul

Shout yes to everyone as often as you can. When someone seeks your permission to try something, before saying no, ask yourself if you want that person to stay at ordinary levels of living. Making yes your inner mantra allows you to extend yes outside of yourself and attract more of yes into your own personal intending. Yes is the breath of creation. Think of a drop of rain merging with a river at the moment it become the ocean. You can almost hear the sound of yes being whispered in those moments. As you merge with the universal force of Creation extending yes wherever feasible, you become that force of Creation itself. This will be your impact on others. No more ordinary no’s in your life. On to the extraordinary.

Ordinary implies being stuck in a rut. While in the rut, you’ll attract other rut dwellers, and your mutual impact will be to stay in your ordinary ruts complaining, finding fault, wishing, and hoping for better days. The universal force on intention never complains; it creates and offers its options for greatness. It judges no one, and isn’t stuck wishing and hoping that things will improve. It’s too busy creating beauty to be so foolishly engaged. As you move your own energy level up out of a rut mentality, you’ll have an uplifting effect on all of the rut dwellers in your life. Moreover, you’ll help many of them have a similar impact, and create new allies in fulfilling your own intentions. Become aware of your identification with normal or ordinary, and begin to vibrate to higher and higher energetic frequencies, which constitute a shift upwards into the extraordinary dimensions of pure intent.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing


  1. KB says:

    This is beautiful I’m sharing hope you don’t mind

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    1. GS says:

      Do share KB… glad you liked it

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  2. love it.. I definitely have to work on this ❤️

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    1. GS says:

      Start small

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  3. Yes opens up the horizons of our knowledge, understanding & takes us into the unknown, an unknown we can embrace rather than fear. ❣

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    1. GS says:

      Indeed Amber

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