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Oils for Post Natal Depression Part 1

If you are suffering from post natal depression, the first step that needs to be taken towards recovery is to learn to value yourself and to take sufficient time to look after your health.

Encouraging Sleep

Sleep deprivation and disturbance of your sleep pattern is an inevitable consequence of childbirth.

  • Where possible, night time checks on the baby should be shared with your partner or a supportive friend or relative, as these can be a major contributor to the persistence of depression.
  • Drops of chamomile and lavender oils on your pillow will help to promote sleep.
  • Use your oils in scented baths and on pulse points, though care should be taken to avoid pulse points where the baby may lick the skin.

Ensure a peaceful repose by using essential oils.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/91/dd/26/91dd2633ea0ce8fb552b4a0f53e51158.jpg

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  1. Mark Hughes says:

    Not getting enough sleep is so common in my clients, I see it all the time.

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    1. GS says:

      Sleeping too much during the day, lack of exposure to sunlight, frequent urination, physical pain, jet lag, and some prescription medications may lead to difficulty sleeping. For many people, stress, worry, depression, or work schedules commonly affect sleep.

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