Daily Dose for the Soul

Here are two compelling statistics offered by Dr. Hawkins in his 29 year old study on the hidden determinants of human behaviour :

  • One single avatar living at the highest levels of consciousness in this period of history to whom the title Lord is appropriate, such as Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus Christ, would counterbalance the collective negativity of all the mankind in today’s world.
  • The negativity of the entire human population would self destruct were it not for the counteracting effects of these higher energy fields.

The implications of these figures are immense for discovering ways of improving human consciousness and raising ourselves to the place where we match up with the same energy of intention from which we were intended. By raising your own frequency of vibration only slightly to a place where you regularly practice kindness, love, and receptivity, and where you see beauty and the endless potential of good in others as well as yourself, you counter balance 90,000 people somewhere on this planet who are living in the low energy levels of shame, anger, hatred, guilt, despair, depression and so on.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne. W. Dyer

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  1. ascott4321 says:

    Wow this is awesome 😃 Thank you for sharing this! My fave post today!

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you agree with the post.

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  2. clcouch123 says:

    The examples and implications are positive and promising. Thank you for sharing these.

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked it

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  3. DiosRaw - Amber says:

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