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Your own death

Essentially, there are two points of view regarding this dilemma of your own death. The first says that we’re physical bodies that are born and we go on to live for a while, and then ultimately we deteriorate, our flesh wears out, and then we die and are dead forever. This first perspective, if you embrace it either consciously or otherwise, is terrifying from our alive viewpoint. Unless you embrace the second point of view, it’s completely understandable that you fear death. Or you may welcome it if you hate or fear life. The second point of view says very simply that you’re eternal, an infinite soul in a temporary expression of flesh. This second point of view says that only your physical body dies, that you were whole and perfect as you were created, and that your physicalness emanated from the universal mien of intention. That universal mind was and if formless, it’s the pure energy of love, beauty, kindness, and creativity, and it can’t die since there’s no form involved, no form, no death, no boundaries, no deterioration, no flesh, no possibility of it wasting away.

Now which of these two points of view gives you the most comfort? Which is associated with peace and love? Which invokes fear and anxiety?

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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  1. Asim Hanif says:


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    1. GS says:

      Glad you liked the post.

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  2. Lokesh Sastya says:

    That’s why I am writing. Words do not die. Thank you for showing positive perspective.

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    1. GS says:

      Great inspiration.


  3. DiosRaw says:


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