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In today’s post we will learn about why failure is a good thing. Consider this, with every failure, you grow as a person, and much faster than you would with a success. Winning is easy, compared to losing and learning. It takes humility and grace to be able to look at the broken remnants of your plans on the ground and think “Wow…I sure learned a lot here today. Niiiice!” And that’s the real point of all this: most people are so terrified of failure that they don’t even try. They don’t even think about chasing it. That’s a guaranteed loss! Why even put yourself in that situation? Because you gain very little from a win, but everything from a loss.

Here’s more inspiration on how failure is normal > https://empress2inspire.blog/2019/05/13/the-failure-myth/

If you are someone who avoids being in losing situations at all costs, or even someone who just ALWAYS wins, try this: go play a game with someone and lose. It can be a board game or basketball or pool (which, in my experience, is very, very easy to lose at). Whatever you like. Just get the experience. It really helps to intentionally face that fear and realize that this thing that we are so innately afraid of, this worst-case scenario, is really nothing serious. It’s piddly. A pansy. Become a graceful and productive loser now and you won’t have any trouble winning when it matters.

Come back tomorrow for more daily dose on living.

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  1. Ryn says:

    I am very afraid of failure and I am embarrassed about it

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing

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      1. Always happy to read and share great posts with followers, My Dear! Hope you have a great weekend!
        xoxox 😘💕🌹✨

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  2. DiosRaw says:


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    1. GS says:

      Even though failing doesn’t always feel great, it’s a fantastic learning curve for students. In fact, every time a student fails, they are simply learning another way it doesn’t work. Developing a growth mindset like this, rather than seeing every failure as a negative, is how people become successful.

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