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Flowers and Herb Magic – Part 3

Plants are one of the most natural and versatile ingredients in magic working. Use them fresh on altars, dried in charm bags or to bring magic to your cooking.

Natural Flavours

Cooking is a very magical act, but we often forget this as it can become a daily chore. By adding herbs to dishes you cook, however, especially cakes or biscuits that you may eat when feasting after spell-casting, you can ingest the unique benefits those herbs bring. If you want to sprinkle some love magic into your cooking, for example, add basil for its properties of attraction.

Experiment with a variety of herbs and record your results after enjoying samples of your culinary skills. This way you will soon find out which herbs you find to be particularly effective and helpful for their magical and healing qualities.

Home Grown Herbs

If you have grown and picked the herbs yourself, you’re also putting more of your own energies into their growth and will therefore enjoy the benefits of the food you prepare far more.

Add herbs to your cooking to imbue your dishes with their unique attributes.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/1a/6c/a5/1a6ca5dc4f0c6a6d1785e4e0c19d80c6.jpg

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  1. Carol anne says:

    A wonderful post GS! ❤

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you Carol.


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