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Uses of Thyme Oil Part 2

Thyme is a remarkable handy oil, find out how you can harness its powerful antiseptic and restorative qualities to improve your health, exercise routine or even your holiday.

Holiday First Aid

Thyme is a handy addition to a holiday first aid kit

Inspect Repellent – When camping, deter insect visitors by spraying the inside of your tent with:

  • 8 drops of thyme
  • 8 drops of lemon
  • 30 ml of water

Tummy Troubles – For a speedy recovery from holiday diarrhoea, massage the abdomen with a blend of :

  • 2 drops of thyme
  • 3 drops of chamomile
  • 20ml of grapeseed oil

For Bites and Stings – To disinfect stings and bites, use this blend in 50ml water:

  • 4 drops of thyme
  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 1 drop of oregano
  • 2 drop of eucalyptus

Protect yourself from insects using a fragrance blend of thyme and lemon oils.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/96/80/e3/9680e33afa3b4c4a9003e88477f4a065.jpg

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