Daily Dose of Nature

Natural Mood Lifters Part 4

Whether you’ve got the winter blues or are suffering from stress and anxiety, these easy to prepare herbal remedies can be used to chase away the symptoms of depression.

Flowers That Shine Like the Sun

We all know that a big bunch of bright, beautiful flowers can work wonders in raising our mood. In magic and folklore, flowers that resemble the Sun take on its attributes, giving out light and life energy wherever they are found.

Cheerful bright yellow and orange flowers such as those of marigold and gerberas drive away negative feelings, leaving a spirit that is warm and refreshed.

Wisdom of the Ancients

Thee anciens Egyptians valued marigold as a rejuvenating herb. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to bring people’s spirits back into harmony.

Float fresh flowers in a bowl of spring water and leave in sunlight during the day. This infuses the water with the Sun’s light, which you can sip as a flower remedy.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ec/41/fd/ec41fdc68a07eafb9c7c56bb521d63af.jpg

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