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Treating the Lymphatic System Part 2

Below you have been given some common diseases of the lymphatic system, their causes and identifying symptoms and which essential oil to use as a remedy.

Toxic Build-Up

Your lymphatic system helps eliminate toxins and waste from your body. When it is sluggish this leads to a build up in toxic waste, which can result in : cellulite, skin conditions, catarrh, headaches and migraine. You should see stimulating essential oils to get lymph moving, combined with oils to remedy the unpleasant symptoms.

  • Cellulite often occurs in the thigh, hips and buttocks as a result of toxic waste and fluid retention. Use lymphatic massage with detoxifying and diuretic oils – geranium, rosemary, juniper and patchouli.
  • Congested and spotty skin is often a sign of poor elimination of toxins. Use detoxifying oils gentle enough for the face such as geranium, juniper and patchouli, and oils to fight thee infection such as bergamot, lavender, sandalwood and tea tree.
  • Inhalations of blue gum eucalyptus can help catarrh, while vaporising lavender or rosemary oils can help to clear headaches and migraines.

Use geranium oil for congested skin.

Come back tomorrow for more inspiration.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/6c/9e/b3/6c9eb3aa3400c4858ae0de5f1d8f9405.jpg


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