Optimal Dates with Electional Astrology


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The subject of Electional Astrology, or more simply Elections, is concerned with the choosing, or “electing”, of propitious times for the commencement of any undertaking. Essentially it is the converse of Horary Astrology, for though its methods and procedure are similar it starts from the point at which Horary Astrology finishes and works back to the point at which the latter begins. 

The general principle of making an election is extremely simple. We have to take the planetary positions as we find them within a certain limit of time, and arrange them into the horoscope diagram so that the planets ruling the matter concerned are as strong as free from affliction as we can make them, and all the hundances and afflicting positions are tucked neatly away where they can do the least possible harm.

This process of making any given planet as strong as it can be is known as firtifying it, and consists in placing the planet in a favorable sign in an angle or an appropriate house, and in so arranging the date that it receives good aspects from the benefits of Venus and Juniter, and is not afflicted, not in some cases aspected at all, by the malefics Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Unfortunately, we are always very dependent upon the general planetary positions at the time, and it is usually quite impossible to make an ideal election, because the planets will most disobliging refuse to arrange themselves suitably within the time limit at our disposal. In such cases we have to do the best we can with the available material, but with a little trouble it will always be found possible to obtain an election that is reasonably satisfactory.

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