Work Buddies Thursdays Pomodoro 60/10


For those of who need to use our time effectively because of a job,or just in general being a person who has multiple responsibilities in a day, it can sometimes be difficult to manage our time effectively. There are a ton of different ways and techniques to be utilized to make sure that we are doing our best to complete the designated task on our to do lists and everyone uses something different, or a combination of multiple things that work for them. Today the technique in question is the Pomodoro Technique. Who created this technique, what does it consist of and does it actually work to help you get more things done and manage your time in a more effective manor.

This technique was actually developed by software developer Francesco Cirillo and was used to aid him in concentration and productivity while he was in University because he was “easily distracted and unable to focus”. Instead of getting discouraged like a lot of us do when this happens he decided to “give himself a challenge”. He was to study uninterpreted for a set amount of time in order to force himself to get his work accomplished.

He made the decision to name this technique the “Pomodoro Technique” after the tomato shaped timer he would use to time himself with. The word Pomodoro is Italian, and it is a sauce made from tomatoes that is typically served with pasta. So I think his name for this specific technique is not only extremely humorous, but clever and captivating.


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