Daily Dose for the Soul

Your decision to feel good is a way of connecting to Spirit. It isn’t an indifferent response to events. By feeling good, you become an instrument of peace, and it’s through this channel that you eradicate problems. By feeling bad, you stay in the energy field that creates resistance to positive change; and experience a stressful, anxious state as a by-product. The things you call problems will perpetually present themselves to you. They’ll never go away. Resolve one . . . and another will surface!

You’ll never get it done.

Since you’re an infinite spiritual being disguised as a temporary human being, it’s essential to understand that in infinity there’s no beginning and no ending. Therefore, your desires, goals, hopes, and dreams will never be finished—ever! As soon as you manifest one of your dreams, another will most assuredly pop up. The nature of the universal force of intention from which you emigrated into a temporary material being is always creating and giving forth. Furthermore, it’s in a continuous state of expansion. Your desires to manifest into your life are a part of this infinite nature. Even if you desire to have no desires, that’s a desire!

Excerpt From: Wayne W. Dyer. “The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way”. Apple Books.

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