Daily Dose for the Soul

Making Your Intention Your Reality

Below is few steps for creating a stress-free, tranquil life:

Step 1: Remember that your natural state is joy. You are a product of joy and love; it’s natural for you to experience these feelings. You’ve come to believe that feeling bad, anxious, or even depressed is natural, particularly when people and events around you are in low-energy modes. Remind yourself as frequently as necessary: I come from peace and joy. I must stay in harmony with that from which I came in order to fulfill my dreams and desires. I choose to stay in my natural state. Anytime I’m anxious, stressed out, depressed, or fearful, I’ve abandoned my natural state.

Step 2: Your thoughts, not the world, cause your stress. Your thoughts activate stressful reactions in your body. Stressful thoughts create resistance to the joy, happiness, and abundance that you desire to create in your life. These thoughts include: I can’t, I’m too overworked, I worry, I’m afraid, I’m unworthy, It will never happen, I’m not smart enough, I‘m too old (young), and so on. These thoughts are like a program to resist being tranquil and stress free, and they keep you from manifesting your desires.

Excerpt From: Wayne W. Dyer. “The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way”. Apple Books.

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