Deep Soul Connection Signs Part 2

Here are reasons to believe you’ve met someone with whom you’ll share a deep spiritual connection.

3. You Always Support Each Other – Even if you’re the sort of person who always wants to help others and believes in the best of them when you make a soul connection with someone you’ll see those tendencies increase tenfold. You will find yourself rooting for your loved ones to succeed even when the odds are against them, and you’ll trust their instincts. Contrast this with a relationship in which partners are competitive, or undermine each other rather than building each other up. The supporting nature of soul connection relationships pairs with mutual respect and commitment to make such relationships uniquely healthy. In other words, when you experience a soul connection you’ll be in the right conditions to manifest the very best version of yourself.

4. You Can Normally Tell If Something Is Wrong – Another important difference between a soul connection and other, less intense connections is that a soul connection comes with a special kind of intuition. You’ll find yourself picking up the other person’s emotions quickly, even when they’re surprising. In other words, it’s like your empathy is super-charged with this person, and taking their perspective is as easy as taking your own. And you’ll experience this in return, which is incredibly validating and gratifying. Sometimes, people with soul connections also mention times when they just knew that something was wrong without being told. For example, you might just know you need to call someone or show up at their place, even though you can’t explain why you think this person needs help. This instinct also arises in positive cases – for example, you might feel like you just β€œknew” when your partner was offered their dream job.

Be Grateful for Life Sucking


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