Working from Home Vs Office

I thought I would share some things I really enjoy about working in an office and things I really enjoy about working from home.


  • Seeing the awesome people I work with
  • Certain meetings work better in person
  • Office gossip and casual chats
  • Dressing up and feeling cute
  • Potlucks
  • People watching
  • Getting my steps in
  • Saying good morning and bye to everyone
  • That feeling when you come back from leave/vacation and people are happy that you’re back
  • People stopping by my desk instead of cold calling me
  • Change of scenery
  • The daily coffee run
  • Leaving work at work and not having it invade my home
  • Seeing how jazzed people get over free food makes me smile.


  • Breaks feel more productive
  • My puppies
  • Casual clothes
  • Home cooked meals
  • No commute
  • I can play music, dance, sing
  • Virtual meetings feel less stressful
  • I can control the temperature of my home
  • Getting mail during the day
  • Seeing other people and their homes on video is exciting
  • When people make the effort to message me to just chat it feels very nice and intentional
  • Spending so much time alone makes me learn more about myself and how I work
  • I get socially exhausted very easily right now in life so it’s very nice seeing able to control my level of interaction and prioritise my health.

Which one do you prefer working from home or office? Leave a comment.

22 responses to “Working from Home Vs Office”

  1. Thanks so much for “liking” my blog! I’ve worked in all manner of office settings and at home…the key is having a way to shut out external noise and interruptions to be efficient, and both have their distractions! For years, though, I had no windows in my offices or cubicles. Finally, at home, I have windows where I can look out and see God’s beautiful creation as I work! Joy!

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  2. I started working at home and from home in 2014. Love it. You are right no formal apparel. no high heel shoes, no need to touch up your face.. Some can also play games while doing office work πŸ™‚

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    • Hahhaha but I do miss the collaboration. It was easier to know others people’s mood and reactions while face to face. These have become very difficult to gauge via video call

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