To Teens Worldwide

Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell my younger self :

  • Take care of your face. Don’t be lazy shit that falls asleep with your makeup on or skips the spa and moisturiser. Your mama was right getting on to you, cause in your later 20’s not it starts to show. So clean it, tone it and moisturise it.
  • Don’t get tattooed at 18. Wait till you’re 25. Your life and style will change greatly over the years and there’s things you would have rather have done differently with your tattoos that you get at 18. Seriously. Just wait.
  • Wear your retainer. Even if it’s once a week. Fucking wear it. It’s been 14 years since I got my braces off and although it looks like my teeth haven’t moved, they have because I only wore it for a year and now can’t wear it without my teeth feeling like they’re going to fall out. Your parents spent a lot of money on your braces, keep it in 100% top shape.
  • Cut out the soda and binge eating at night. It’ll catch up to you before you know it and cutting it off now means no withdrawal headaches in the future when you try and also makes you feel better without the sugar load weighing you down. Stop putting new healthy life off till tomorrow. Do it now.
  • The people in your life who you think matter, you won’t know in 10 years. You all start living different lives and no matter what, it all changes. That boy who broke your heart? You can’t even remember what he looks like.
  • Even in your 20s and 30s, you’ll have night where you cry. It’s okay. You start being able to deal with it better. Cry it out, change into comfy clothes, wash your face, shower, drink water. It’ll get better.
  • At 18 all you want is to feel popular and invited to everything. Fast forward few years and all I want is a husband, a dog, a best friend, and to ignore texts inviting me anywhere. You’d rather be in the wilderness than partying the city. Crazy I know.
  • Don’t let social media or your phone run your life. Out with friends? On vacation? Put your phone away and take it all in and create memories with the people you’re with and surroundings cause life changes so fast.

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