Thank You

Be Grateful for Life Sucking

I want to thank you. I get such beautiful and sweet messages, and that gives me the recognition that I needed deep down anyway. The words and feelings I have shared with you go beyond mere understanding and trust that I have received from you, it convinced me that loneliness in this words no longer stands for loneliness but unity. How many responses, how many thoughts and expressions I have received about my blog have shown me that we, we have so many similarities with each other, so many different thoughts and stories, and everyone deserves the same respect, understanding and an incredible amount of love.

I am so proud of your all, your story, your journey how far you have come. I cannot express how grateful I am, that I have been able to discover how strong you are and how much more beautiful you will make the world. I will certainly continue with my blog and hope to be able to help you wherever I am.

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