Dear Me

Hey dear. Right now I know it’s really hard. You’re probably staring at the screen crying your eyes out asking yourself, “Why did I do this? This is not what I imagined.” I’m here to tell you that you are doing this for past me, and for very future me. We have faith in you and we know it’s hard. Remember the time you moved to college all by yourself? Remember how scary it was? Thank about it now. Now it’s some of the best memories you’ve ever had, and it would have never happened if you hadn’t taken the chance and done it alone. It’s going to be okay, and it is going to be worth it. Just stick it out. Go look at puppies or get some ice cream and remember. We love the things we know. You are still loved and you are very brave for doing this. Hang in there and make a difference.

Love, Me.

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