Seasons of Life

Maybe the hardest seasons of life teach you a different person of happiness. Maybe, in those seasons, the things you live for, the things you value most, seem so small in comparison to what you were filling your soul with in the past, seem so quiet in contrast. Maybe, it is within those moments that your eyes are opened, that you learned how to find you, and peace, and safety in that which you didn’t even notice before.

Maybe, in the seasons of life where your heart aches, or loss has built a home within you, happiness changes. Maybe, it becomes your morning cup of coffee, sitting and drinking it as the sun rises and the world wakes up around you. Maybe happiness becomes the way the light plays with the trees in your favourite park; maybe it is the way the sky looks at your favourite time of night, the way the moon fills the air with an energy you can feel in your bones when you really sit with yourself and let you solitude wash over you. Maybe in the messiest moments of life, happiness if your mother’s voice. Maybe it is the beauty you feel when you see your friends faces, when you hug them for twenty minutes straight, when you sit with them in silence and feel so understood, and so seen, in all that you are.

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