One Day

Is Success Causing Tension in Your Relationship

One day, he’ll know. he’ll know your birthday, your middle name, your parents name and where you were born. He’ll know your zodiac sign, your eye colour, how many scars you have and how you got them. He’ll know how many cousins you have and how old you were when you first learned how to rise a bike and exactly how many freckles you have. He’s going to know your favourite book, movie, song, food, pair of shoes and colour. He’ll know your dreams and why you can’t sleep at night. He’ll understand why you worry about irrelevant things. He’ll know that when that one song comes on, he’d better turn it up. He’s going to memories your facial expressions, your laugh when you really think something is funny and the bad habits you wish you could break. He’ll know how you don’t want to get any older, how much you love golden hour and when the sun sets or rises. He’s going to know how many kids you want and what colours you want in your wedding and how you wish you could tell all the people that you hurt how sorry you are. He’ll know that you like your coffee with cream and sugar and lots of it. He’ll know that it takes you forever and a day to decide where you want to eat and exactly what ice cream you like to order because you never change it. He’s going to know how you dance, kiss, smile, walk and sing. He’ll figure out what to do when you can’t stop crying and he’ll know exactly what’s wrong before you tell him. One of these days he’s going to know everything there is to know about you he’s going to love all of it.

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23 responses to “One Day”

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  2. Wow. You just helped me realize how blessed I am and grateful I need to be for having every single one of those things in my “him.” Except for the wedding part, because we’ve been married for lots and lots of years. 🙂 Thank you.

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