How Subconscious Mind Communicates

Your subconscious mind is always talking to you. The question is : Are you listening? We tend to not hear those messages, as we get caught in our hectic lives. But that doesn’t mean that the communication stopped. We just don’t hear it. Stillness is one way to open the gates towards that communication again.

Here are few signs your subconscious mind I trying to communicate a specific message to you :

  1. Recurring dreams – Dreams are the language of our subconscious mind. If you are having recurring dreams at night, your subconscious mind is probably trying to talk to you. It could be a warning about what could happen if you’re not shifting your beliefs or/and a tip about what to do next to go into your preferred direction.
  2. People saying the same things – Are people suddenly starting to talk about the same subject? Do they suddenly give you the same advice – without knowing each other? Then listen carefully. It might be your subconscious/ infinite intelligence trying to tell you something important.
  3. Songs in your head – Do you have “random” songs in your head, coming out of nowhere? Do you suddenly have a catchy tune in your head, without hearing the song somewhere? Listen closely to what the lyrics are saying. They could be a message, coming from your subconscious.
  4. Mean people – Do you feel like people suddenly start to treat you differently? Are they mean out of nowhere? Do they start to criticise you out of nowhere, even though you were kind to them? This could be your subconscious, trying to make you aware of a specific part of you that needs to change to get into alignment with what you want.
  5. Extreme excitement to something specific – Do you out of nowhere feel like “I need to do this now!” or “I need to go to place XYZ now?”…Then your subconscious mind is probably trying to push you towards something important. It might look unrelated to what you wanted, don’t let that confuse you. Go for it.

Has your subconscious been talking to you recently?


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  1. Aish says:

    Always 😉

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing my post


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