Harsh Lessons You Learn with Age

It can take a long time to learn lessons that reflect life’s realities. If you’re lucky, you’ll learn them when you’re young. However, it can take a variety of experiences to finally realise your mistakes.

Here are few things you realise as you get older –

  • The quality of your friendships and relationships is more important than the quantity. Your circle will get smaller but it will be full of people you love, trust and are there no matter what.
  • Material things are nowhere near as important as the experiences you have with the ones you love.
  • It’s okay to say no to the things you don’t want in your life, putting what you really want over feelings of guilt and FOMO.
  • People pleasing is exhausting and by putting everyone else first, your feelings and needs will always comes second.
  • Your mental health has to become a priority and treated with the same importance as your physical health.
  • Your best life isn’t the one you’re posting on social media about, it’s the little things that happen in between, that feel insignificant but make your life happier each day.
  • Being positive 24/7 isn’t sustainable, it’s okay to have bad days and that better days will always come.

As you’ve grown and gotten older, are these inline with what you have learned? Share with me in the comments, what are some other things you have learned with age?

8 responses to “Harsh Lessons You Learn with Age”

    • Oh absolutely. We always take our loved ones for granted, while searching for happiness outside. I am going to go and give my loved ones a hug now. Thank you Penny for your thought.

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