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Healing with Palmarosa

Refreshing and rejuvenating palmarosa has a sweet floral fragrance and is highly prized for its skincare and mind clarifying properties.

Palmarosa comes from a tropical grass that is closely related to lemongrass and citronella and shares some of their uplifting qualities. Originally from India, there are two varieties : Sofia and motia, of which Sofia gives a finer aroma. To test the quality of palmarosa, tap the bottle on the palm of your hand. If the rising bubbles quickly disappear, the oils is of a good quality.

The many qualities of palmrosa. Palmarosa’s strengthening actions on the nervous system make it a useful oil for relieving nervous tension, stress and anxiety. Its use is believed to clarify the mind, enhance self image and promote positive thought. It is also a tonic for the digestion and circulation. However, palmarosa is most valued for its skincare properties. As an ingredient of soaps and a cosmetic perfume, it hydrates skin and stimulates skin growth. A general digestive and circulatory tonic, palmarosa oil is also a mild aphrodisiac.

Active ingredients of palmarosa – Palamrosa is often used as a cheaper substitute for rose oil. High levels of alcohol and other active compounds contribute to palmarosa’s uplifting effects.

  • Esters – These may make up to 10% of the oil. Esters such as geranyl acetate prevent scarring and fight infections.
  • Alcohols – High concentration of alcohols give palmarosa its uplifting, stimulating and refreshing properties. The main alcohol, geranol, gives it a powerful aroma and antiseptic action. It is also an ingredient of the closely related lemongrass and citronella oils.
  • Citronella – This aldehyde compound is present in low concentration, but it is active in balancing and sedating the nervous system.

Palmarosa oil has a refreshing aroma and valuable skincare actions that make it the perfect addition to beauty products.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8f/55/c6/8f55c6e245df838c0e1b4424787f9126.jpg

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