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Aromatherapy Meditations Part 1

Try the following meditations in combination with the suggested aromatherapy blends and discover how the oils can enhance your meditative experience.

Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation meditation can help you by calming your mind to promote well being and through sharpening your mental faculties and helping you strengthen your intent to achieve you goals. Visualisation meditation is usually on a specific symbol like the pentagram, cross or ankh, or a visual image, such as a mandala (which is a symbolic representation of the universe).

There are many symbols and object available to focus your meditation on. Choose one you feel a strong affinity to.

  • Find an image which has a positive healing association for you. By developing the ability to hold a mental image, you are training your mental muscles to work more efficiently, giving them a work out in the same way as you do your body when you go to a gym. Aromatherapy oils help you maintain your concentration and mental clarity when performing visualisation meditation, enhancing your mental workout and helping you develop your mind.
  • Put two drops each of cedar wood, sandalwood and juniper oils into the water on your oil burner for a blend that will promote spiritual awareness and mental clarity, helping you to focus your mind on your visualisation and opening you up to the messages of your unconscious and the universe. Cedarwood and juniper have been used in various blend to help calm the emotions, which is a desirable state to maintain as you practice your meditative visualisation.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/6b/d8/33/6bd833eedea611f8c5424d8ce32d1d67.jpg

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