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Uses of Aniseed Oil Part 1

You should be careful when using aniseed oil, but that does not mean you have to avoid it completely. Stick to gentle inhalation techniques to avoid causing damage to sensitive skin.

Food Flavouring

  • Aniseed is used to flavour cough sweets and aniseed balls as its flavour is sweet and distinctive. In cough sweets, it is famed for its ability to receive bronchial complaints.
  • It is also often used as a flavouring in toothpaste, where its antiseptic qualities help flavour the breath and keep teeth clean.
  • Aniseed is a favourite flavour for many people and fortunately has many healing properties even in confectionery form.

Star Rinse

  • Star anise, an oil extracted from an evergreen tree native to China, India and Vietnam, shares many properties with aniseed. Their aromas are almost identical and they share chemical components including athenole and methylchavicol. Consequently, the oils have similar properties and are often used interchangeably. Star anise if less likely to irritate skin, but should still be used with caution and avoided altogether during pregnancy. Star anise is a perfect substitute for its close cousin, aniseed.

Asthma and Colds

  • Aniseed in a vaporiser or steam inhalation eases hay fever, head colds and bronchial complaints such as asthma. It also quells vomiting and nausea. Place a few drops on a handkerchief to ease digestive problems, travel sickness and panic attacks from vertigo.
  • Emotional Balance – Inhaling aniseed enhances relaxation and soothes sleep patterns. It relieves stress from overwork and eases heartache.
  • Inhaling aniseed is a natural and gentle way to get relief from bronchial and digestive problems.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f0/70/fc/f070fc7b5b47bab7beb38856df74d99e.jpg

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