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Uses of Aniseed Oil Part 2

You should be careful when using aniseed oil, but that does not mean you have to avoid it completely. Stick to gentle inhalation techniques to avoid causing damage to sensitive skin.

Magic of Aniseed

  • A revered herb of the ancient Middle Eastern civilisations, aniseed is one of the oldest spices to have been used for magical purposes and healing.
  • The Ancient Romans believed aniseed to be an aphrodisiac. Cakes flavoured with the spice were served at the end of the marriage feast to relax nervous couples before they retire to bed.
  • Aniseed is reputed to avert the evil eye. It is also believed to deter venomous snakes such as vipers.
  • Aniseed was widely cultivated by monks in medieval gardens to be used in the monastery for its purifying properties, precipitating the herb’s spread throughout Northern Europe.
  • Aniseed was so valued in biblical times that it was used to pay taxes and rents.

Headaches and Migraines

  • Aniseed helps to ease your headaches and migraines especially in cases where stress is a causative factor.
  • Tension Headaches – Make up a vaporiser blend to ease tension headaches by mixing up 5-10 drops from a combination of the following oils : Aniseed, Lavender, Niaouli and Peppermint.
  • Place the vaporiser nearby and relax with your eyes closed until the headaches begins to ease.
  • For headache and migraine suffers, aniseed oil can provide gentle relief when used in a vaporiser.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f0/70/fc/f070fc7b5b47bab7beb38856df74d99e.jpg

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