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Herbs for Premenstrual Syndrome Part 1

To combat all the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, you will need to use different herbs. Learn here which herbs should be your first port of call during bouts of PMS.

  • Chasteberry Tree – This is a member of the verbena family and is found around the Mediterranean and in Central Asia. It was used in ancient times to decrease the sex-drive in men, although it appears to have the opposite effect in women. Vitex Agnus castus is the first herb to turn to for PMS. It helps to balance the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone, relieves water retention and is considered to help with high velvet of prolactin. Improvements of up to 50 percent can be felt within three months of use. Chasteberry tree is the most important herb for curing PMS.
  • Black Cohosh – A common name for this herb is squawroot as it was originally used by Native American women to help with problems in the menstrual cycle and to alleviate the pangs of childbirth. It helps to balance your hormones and has a relaxing effect on your nervous system, so is useful for anxiety and depression. Its antispasmodic properties make it useful for cramps. Avoid this herb if you have exceptionally heavy periods. Black cohosh has been known to cure PMS for hundreds of years.
  • Dong Quai – The roots of this plant, referred to in the East as “female ginseng”, are used to treat a variety of reproductive problems. It brings about hormonal balance, whether the imbalance is due to little or too much oestrogen. Dong quai also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and is very effective for relaxing your muscles and easing painful cramps.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e8/71/36/e87136b4e34f052c8118eaf735be2451.jpg

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  1. Kellie says:

    Thanks for sharing, I’m bookmarking this for later 👌

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    1. GS says:

      Ah great, glad you found it helpful.

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  2. blackformen says:

    very helpfully .


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