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Aromatics in Magic and Ritual Part 3

Aromatherapy played an important role in the religious rites of ancient cultures and contributed to the development of many civilisations.


The epic Mesopotamian tale of Gilgamesh describes how the king of Ur would please the gods and goddesses by burning incenses of cedar wood and myrrh. These fragrances were said to carry happiness to the heavens. And, as in Egypt, aromatics were used as much for medicine, perfumes and cosmetics as they were for ritual.

The Ancient Sumerians and Assyrians enjoyed bathing in fragrant flower waters and made their skins silly with exotic oil blends. Archeologists have found cuneiform tablets that date back to the 12th-13th centuries BC and describe egg shaped vessels containing precious oils.

In the ancient world, herbs, oils and spices were more valuable than gold, which duly increased trade and communication between many cultures. Babylon was the centre of the perfume trade in the 5th century BC.

Pamper your skin as the women of Sumer and Assyria did, with flower-scented oils.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/24/f6/b2/24f6b2baf1895143146034755d9deb55.jpg

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  1. George says:

    Aroma therapy is still widely used in different parts of the world, but modern medicine is skeptical about its effectiveness.

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    1. GS says:

      Research on the effectiveness of aromatherapy — the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants is limited. However, some studies have shown that aromatherapy might have health benefits, including:

      1. Relief from anxiety and depression
      2. Improved quality of life, particularly for people with chronic health conditions
      3. Improved sleep

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  2. DiosRaw says:

    Fascinating, so much to relearn and learn or remember (is all learning remembering?). 🙏❤

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    1. GS says:

      Learning and memory are closely related concepts. Learning is the acquisition of skill or knowledge, while memory is the expression of what you’ve acquired. Another difference is the speed with which the two things happen. If you acquire the new skill or knowledge slowly and laboriously, that’s learning.

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      1. DiosRaw says:

        Indeed. But is ultimately all learning remembering as we are source yet a fragment of source at the same time, source is all knowing, as we suppose so therefore we are accessing the knowledge that is already there… 🙏

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      2. GS says:

        Beautiful lines. You are right 😊

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  3. Zadi says:

    I love your daily dose series. Aroma therapy is one of my go to’s when I feel stressed out. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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    1. GS says:

      I am glad you are into essential oils Zadi. Aromatherapy can reduce the perception of stress, increase contentment, and decrease levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone.” Lavender aromatherapy has indeed been shown to reduce crying in infants and promote sleep in infants and adults. 1Different aromatherapy scents bring different effects on people.

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      1. Zadi says:

        Many benefits indeed. Thanks 🙏

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  4. Interesting information. I learned something today. We don’t really see aromatherapy in modern medicine but it can definitely relieve stress, so it’s still useful 🙂

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    1. GS says:

      One of the best-known essential oils in aromatherapy, lavender oil is prized for its calming effects on the body and mind and ability to lessen anxiety. During a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, for instance, participants were exposed to a stressor prior to completing a memory task. Those who inhaled a lavender aroma prior to being stressed performed better than those who inhaled a placebo aroma. In a study published in International Journal of Nursing Practice, aromatherapy using a 3% lavender oil spray on clothing was found to be effective in reducing work-related stress for three to four days. Lavender oil can be found in a variety of aromatherapy products, including bath salts and massage oil. Another way to take advantage of the soothing scent of lavender: sipping lavender-infused herbal tea, which is sold in many natural-foods stores.

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