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Herbal Healing in Winter Part 4

Winter can be a depressing times of illness, unpleasant weather and very little growth, but you can avoid the winter blues by making the most of what’s available.

Winter Spiritual Health

Winter is often regarded as a gloomy time of year, when the landscape around you looks dead and dreary. There are plenty of ways to perk up your day, however.

  • Fight the winter blues by keeping your mind and body active. Make the most of any sun weather and enjoy a walk along a frost or snow covered path or through a winter woodland.
  • Winter is a time best used for reflection and spiritual renewal. During this quiet time of year, learn to meditate or take time to revisit and assess your goals, values and relationships.
  • Brighten up the dark days of winter by celebrating winter festivals with friends and family, making sure to use lots of colour.
  • Taking a walk through winter scenery will help you appreciate the beauty of this magical season.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/34/50/723450721edf0e4eb1c71e814829a051.jpg

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