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Oils for Post Natal Depression Part 2

If you are suffering from post natal depression, the first step that needs to be taken towards recovery is to learn to value yourself and to take sufficient time to look after your health.

Maintaining General Health

During pregnancy a woman’s body becomes very depleted of vitamins and minerals, and it is important to gently bring levels back up to an optimum level without harming the baby through transmission. Check with your health visitor before taking vitamin supplements, and be sure to mention foods you are taking that contains high levels of particular vitamins

  • Massage with the “tonic general health” blend will help your body to relax and boost your immune system
  • Use steam inhalation to help your body absorb the healing properties from your essential oils.

Use essential oils through inhalation, massage or baths to help your body to relax and revitalise itself.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/91/dd/26/91dd2633ea0ce8fb552b4a0f53e51158.jpg

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