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Understanding Warming Oils

Discover how to use warming essential oils to provide a feeling of inner warmth and outer beauty for your body.

The skin is highly sensitive to temperature, being like a physiological thermometer. It reacts to cold by erecting hair to trap warmth and shivers to increase blood circulation. Aromatherapy oils can produce feelings of warmth and reduce the need for goose bumps. Oils made from resins, such as benzoin, frankincense and myrrh, and spicy oils, such as clove and nutmeg, are especially good at achieving this effect.

Emmenagogic Oils

Warming oils help the body to recover to a normal state after illness and also soothe mensural problems, having an emmenagogic effect (they bring on menstruation), but they should not be used during pregnancy as they can cause miscarriages. Many of these warming oils also exhibit other beneficial qualities, being antiseptic, carminative and antispasmodic.

Properties of Warming Oils

The effect of warming oils are due to their tonic, expectorant and emmenagogic qualities.

  • Tonic – Oils that act as tonics include Angelica, basil, black pepper, cypress, fennel, juniper, patchouli and vetivert. These work well on pulse points, or may be inhaled from a handkerchief or in a bath. They encourage feelings of general health and aid recovery from illness.
  • Expectorant – This category of oils includes Angelica, basil, cajeput, cedarwood, close, fennel, myrrh, frankincense, gallbanum and thyme; you may benefit from their use in vaporisers and baths. Expectorants encourage the production of phlegm and so are good for clearing out the lungs if you are suffering from colds and flu.
  • Emmenagogic – This group includes aniseed, basil, cypress, cedarwood, fennel, sage, hyssop, marjoram, myrrh, juniper, rosemary, thyme and wintergreen. As they help normalise menstrual flow, emmenagogues should be totally avoided during pregnancy.

Spice up your bath time with warming oils.

Employ the use of stimulating and spicy oils for their warming, healing qualities.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/de/f6/47/def647fb2f430e47da01e314ca524423.jpg

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