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In today’s post we will learn how to create a fitness habit for a healthy lifestyle. New year is a good time to develop for new fitness habits. Instead of creating a list of new resolutions this year, create a new habit. The most appealing thing about many fitness programs is that they promise quick results. You see testimonials from people who have gone through the program, lost 30 pounds and create a wash board stomach in just 4 weeks. That’s all complete crap.

First, most people want to achieve those results. Secondly and most importantly if you do get quick results, you reverse those results very quickly cause you have not created new habits. That’s really sad. You should be focused on long term results. Changing habits takes time. I would recommend take on habit at a time and focus on it for a month. In this way you will have 12 new habits per year. That takes patience but you should not try to get amazing results in just 30 days. Even if you have 6 habits which stuck, you will amazed how those 6 habits can change your life and your fitness levels. If you did 6 habits per year for 3 years, you will be transformed. If you don’t have patience to change one habit at a time or focus on enjoying the new habits rather than getting quick results, stop reading this post now.

So let’s say you are just started out, start with just daily exercise. Any kind of exercise, even if it’s plain basic walking, just do it daily. But if you are looking to lose weight, you may want to look at your eating pattern. Here’s how you can create a habit :

  • Exercise for just 5 minutes per day, adding 5 minutes per week. Make it a fun exercise.
  • Drink water instead of sweet drinks.
  • Replace fried foods with vegetables.
  • Eat fruits and nuts for snacks.
  • Eat lean protein, including plant proteins instead of red meat.
  • Add strength exercises to your routine.

Here a some top principle for forming a habit :

  • Make it social.
  • Do one habit at a time only.
  • Make it your top priority.
  • Enjoy the habit.

Many people set fitness goals for the year but you can get fit without them. One thing is that when you set goals, they are often arbitrary so you are basically working long and hard running being a meaningless number and when you don’t achieve it you think you failed even though the number was arbitrary to begin with. Create habits without goals. Hope this helps.

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