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Meditation Techniques for Spells Part 1

Practising techniques such as observing your breathing, reciting mantras, creative visualisation and just sitting peacefully can help you to apply meditation to spell working.

Breath Meditation

Breath meditation enables you to transform physical energy into spiritual energy before performing your magic rituals. Place both hands upon your diaphragm and practise inhaling to a count of four, holding the breath in to a count of four, and then exhaling to a count of four. This will accustom you to regulating your breath. With regular practice this will become automatic so you will not have to concentrate on your breathing.

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Draw in Energy

Before casting a spell, control your breathing, and draw in the energy from the air around you, empowering you with energy for your spell. You can also use this technique to relax afterwards, to do this just increase your exhalation count from four to eight.

Practise regulating your breathing to draw in air energy for your spell.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/14/d0/a8/14d0a85d85ea7731e279111ad8f342c6.jpg

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