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Herbal Healing in Spring

Spring is full of the promisee of good things to come, but it can also bring with it seasonal colds and hay fever. Avoid these by increasing your activity levels and using herbal remedies.

Spring Flowers

People of all ages and cultures love flowers, in February, you can delight in the miracle of snowdrops pushing through the frozen earth, later followed by dazzling, yellow daffodils and April’s cherry blossoms.

  • Boost your mood and energy by surrounding yourself with natural spring colour. Fill window boxes with spring bulbs and primroses and always have a fresh vase of flowers on your desk at work, or on your table at home. Choose fresh, vibrant yellows and reds to stimulate your mind, for gentle blues and violets to induce peaceful thoughts.

The colourful radiance of spring blooms is an effective mood booster.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2c/2c/e5/2c2ce51676507dda1a2fd86b6e9f8ffd.jpg

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