Daily Dose of Nature

Herbal Healing in Spring 

Spring is full of the promise of good things to come, but it can also bring with it seasonal colds and hay fever. Avoid these by increasing your activity levels and using herbal remedies.

Food For Spring

Simple additions to your diet can boost your immunity to spring ailments. Choose foods rich in vitamin C, such as early strawberries, fresh orange juice and new potatoes. Zinc is a valuable defence against spring colds and can be found in nuts and wholegrain cereals. Spicy foods with ginger, cayenne and garlic will boost your circulation and protect your body against infections.

  • Maintain vitality with iron-rich food. This doesn’t need to be red meat, as pulses and chicken are also good sources of iron.
  • A bowl of salad greens is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Add sprouted beans for protein and eat with wholemeal bread, especially loaves containing nutrient rich seeds and grains.

Your skin can feel dull and tired after a long winter. Clear your complexion with a gentle oatmeal scrub. For more inspiration on spring healing, tap here > https://empress2inspire.blog/2021/02/17/daily-dose-of-nature-252/

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