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Aromatherapy for your Memory

The ability of scents to help stimulate the mind can be found in folklore, in such expressions as “rosemary for remembrance” and “basil brings memory”.

When you consider the vast amount of data you absorb every day, it is easy to see why you might sometimes struggle to remember all the details. A memory might be evoked, however, when you catch a whiff of a familiar scent. This is because the part of the brain that process smell and memory are closely linked and by using aromas you can stimulate the hippocampus : linked to the storage of facts (Semantic memory) and events (episodic memory).

Vaporise a blend of oils in a burner while you are studying, to stimulate mental recall.

Recover your memory

Certain oils can provide you with mental clarity when you need it most, helping your subconscious mind to recall information. The best techniques to use for memory aid are burning oils, massage blends for the pulse points and relaxing, scented baths.

Blending oils to boost the power of your memory

  • Stimulating Memory and Study – 4 drops lemon + 3 drops cardamom & 3 drops ginger
  • Enhancing Recall of Events – 2 drops basil & 2 drops grapefruit + 4 drops rosemary & 2 drops thyme
  • Mental Clarity – 2 drops pine + 2 drops rosemary + 3 drops cypress
  • Concentration for a Single Task – 6 drops grapefruit + 2 drops black pepper + 2 drops thyme
  • Oils That Have General Memory Stimulating Qualities – Basil, grapefruit, lemon, pine + black pepper, rosemary, thyme + cardamon, cypress, ginger.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/80/f4/94/80f494d0b7f12b9d5da1ca15572eccc9.jpg

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