Daily Dose of Nature

Flowers and Herb Magic – Part 2

Plants are one of the most natural and versatile ingredients in magic working. Use them fresh on altars, dried in charm bags or to bring magic to your cooking.

Seasonal Altars

Having flowers on your altar makes it look and feel more beautiful and special. By using different flowers throughout the year, you can also emphasis the changing of the season in spells and rituals. It is important not to leave dead flowers on the altar, however, as this will cause your magic to decay. When the blooms begin too fade, remove them.

Recycling Magic

After removing fading flowers from your altar, dry them out and use them as ingredients for charm bags. Recycling them in this way will imbue the energy of your altar into the bags and increase their potency. Keep a vase on your altar filled with fresh flowers. This will channels seasonal energy into your spells.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/1a/6c/a5/1a6ca5dc4f0c6a6d1785e4e0c19d80c6.jpg

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