Daily Dose of Nature

Natural Mood Lifters Part 3

Whether you’ve got the winter blues or are suffering from stress and anxiety, these easy to prepare herbal remedies can be used to chase away the symptoms of depression.

Healing Hops

Hops are another effective remedy for treating tension and anxiety. They promote restful and refreshing sleep without the side effects of sleeping pills. For a blissful night’s sleep, rest your head on a pillow filled with dried hop flowers or take a hops tea for a soothing night cap.

A small pouch of hops placed under your pillow will help you to sleep.

Beautiful Borage

Borage gas a long association with joy and courage; it’s bright blue, star shaped flowers are popular in many herb gardens. It is often added to Pimm’s as its slightly cucumber taste is a perfect complement to this garden party favourite.

Adrenaline Stimulant

Young fresh leaves and flowers can be used to drive away thee blues, restore energy and lift the spirits. The herb works by stimulating the adrenal gland to produce adrenaline.

Add some borage flowers to lemon balm and iced apple juice to make a refreshing summer drink.

Come back tomorrow for more herbal mood lifters.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ec/41/fd/ec41fdc68a07eafb9c7c56bb521d63af.jpg

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