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Treating the Lymphatic System Part 1

Below you have been given some common diseases of the lymphatic system, their causes and identifying symptoms and which essential oil to use as a remedy.

Water Retention

Oedema, or water retention, is a condition that sees that swelling of certain parts of the body, most commonly the ankles or legs but also thee hands, feet and around the eyes. It is the build-up of excess water in the skin or body tissues, which your lymphatic system has failed to drain. There can be a number of causes; poor kidney function, varicose veins, poor diet (a high intake of salt and sugar) or digestion, an injury to the area, an allergic reaction, the contraceptive pill or pregnancy. People who are prone to oedema should take daily exercise such as a brisk walk and elevate their legs while at rest.

The following oils are helpful to oedema to use int he bath or as a massage blend; do not massage if the cause is varicose veins or an injury. Blend juniper, geranium and rosemary for a bath or massage oil with diuretic, lymph stimulating and detoxifying effects.

Run a detoxifying bath using juniper and geranium.

Come back tomorrow for more inspiration.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/6c/9e/b3/6c9eb3aa3400c4858ae0de5f1d8f9405.jpg


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