Facts About Hypnosis Part 4

In order for hypnosis to work, you need to be motivated to make changes. Hypnosis doesn’t work if it’s against your will.

What techniques does the hypnotist use?

  • Hypnotists use carefully chosen language to help address your issues, and a particular tone of voice to soothe you.
  • They’ll repeat important words to make sure they get through to the unconscious mind.
  • Depending on the length of the session, the hypnotist might that embed suggestions within a story using metaphors to break down any remaining barriers.
  • During the session, the hypnotist may make use of post hypnotic suggestions. These are vocal cues that prime you to act at some point in the future. For example : And from the moment you wake up, you will only eat at meal times. Whenever you get hungry between meals, you drink fresh, pure water. You have no interest in unhealthy food and only eat balanced meals that nourish and sustain your body.

Hypnosis works because the change is made at the unconscious level, which is where all your habits are stored and run your life. Hypnosis is 100% safe, and is very effective at changing deep rooted issues and habits, fast.

Hope you liked this series on hypnosis.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6a/f2/c5/6af2c51932103a56bdb2227f03a1aa36.png

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