Controlling Your Diabetes


Getting the right tests means fewer surprises

Tests are no fun. But when it comes to diabetes, they can save your life and prevent complications. So put those routine diabetes tests on your calendar and stay on track — even if you’re feeling fine. They can help you manage your condition and catch early signs before they become serious.

Not sure which tests you need and when? Ask your doctor to help you set up a diabetes care plan.

Below is a list of commonly recommended diabetes tests and measurements:

  • A1C test (at least two times a year; every three months if you can): This simple blood test shows how well you’ve controlled your blood sugar over the past three months. Usually, an A1C goal for people with diabetes is less than 7%.
  • Microalbumin test (every year): This test measures the amount of protein in your urine. It shows how well your kidneys are working.
  • Creatinine (at least once a year): This blood test also shows how well your kidneys are working.
  • Blood pressure (every office visit): High blood pressure increases your risk for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Aim for a blood pressure level of less than 120/80.
  • Cholesterol (every year): High cholesterol raises your risk for heart disease. It can also affect your circulation. Ideal cholesterol levels are:

    – Total cholesterol — below 200 mg/dL
    – LDL (“bad” cholesterol) — below 100 mg/dL
    – HDL (“good” cholesterol) — above 40 mg/dL for men; above 50 mg/dL for women
    – Triglycerides — below 150 mg/dL

Hope this helps. Come back tomorrow to learn more on the mandatory and preventive health checkups for diabetics. Till then here’s another post on diabetics >

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