Diabetes Health Checks


You should also have these health checks and shots done as preventive steps:

  • Flu (every year) and pneumonia shots: Diabetes can affect your immune system. Protect yourself by getting an annual flu shot in October or November. Ask your doctor if a pneumonia shot can help you.
  • Nutritionist (at least every year): The right diet can make a big difference for controlling your blood sugar. You may be eligible for nutritional counseling to help you manage your diabetes. Talk to your doctor for details.
  • Dilated retinal eye exam (every year): Diabetes can lead to vision problems. See your eye doctor once a year, even if your vision seems normal.
  • Foot exam (every office visit): Diabetes can damage the nerves throughout your body, especially in your feet. Have the doctor check for sores on your feet at every visit. A thorough foot exam needs to be done at least once a year.
  • Dental exam (two times a year): Because of higher blood glucose levels, people with diabetes have a higher risk of tooth and gum problems. Tell your dentist you have diabetes.

Managing your diabetes takes some effort and team work, but you can also get help

Reference : https://file.anthem.com/35304ANMENABS.pdf

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