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Nettle – Urtica Dioica

Folk Name : Ortiga Ancha, Stinging Nettle
Gender : Masculine
Planet : Mars
Element : Fire
Powers : Exorcism, Healing, Lust, Protection

Magical Uses and History : Nettle has long been used in protection magic. Sprinkling nettle around your house will keep evil out and send it back. It can be carried in a sachet or poppet to remove curses, worn as an amulet to keep negativity away, or even held in the hand to ward off ghosts.

For healing purposes, place freshly cut nettle in the room of one who is ill to aid in recovery. You can also pluck nettle up from its roots and recite the name of this sick person and his/her parents to aid in recovery. According to Welsch folklore, if you place freshly cut nettle under the pillow of the sick and it stays green the person will live, if it turns yellow they will die.

In Ireland, nettles are believed to mark the places where Elves live.

Nettle can be used in a number of spells including:
– Protection Spells
– Exorcism
– Dispelling Evil
– Body Cleansing and Purification
– Healing Spells
– Love Spells (uncommon)

Medicinal Uses – Nettle is one of the most widely applicable herbs and can be used as an astringent, diuretic, and tonic. It strengthens and supports the entire body. Many use it to treat eczema, especially eczema. As an astringent, it can be used to treat nosebleed and relieves symptoms of haemorrhaging. Figwort or Burdock aid in the treatment of eczema.

Preparation and Dosage – Leaves should be collected when the flowers are in bloom. Internally, to make an infusion, pour a cup of boiling water over 1-3 teaspoons of dried leaf and allow to steep for 10-15 minutes. It can be drunk up to three times a day. Externally, 1-4 millimetres of a tincture may be taken up to three times a day.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/13/04/99/1304996edfef40129c1b65778fb50977.jpg

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